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February 2nd, 2007

unikorn @ 11:16 am: NaruGaa for Valentines
I know its kind of early for Valentines pictures but I wanted to enter this in a competition which closes next week! ^_^;

Pairing: Naruto/Gaara

Be My ValentineCollapse )


September 15th, 2006

kyuubinogaki @ 10:38 pm: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More info here.Collapse )

December 16th, 2005

unikorn @ 08:50 pm: Gaara and Naruto fan art
Oh man this took me hours x_x

Jinchuuriki ChristmasCollapse )

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September 28th, 2005

frodolass @ 02:58 pm: Wow, I updated this sooner than I thought. I'm on a roll, people! ^_~ This is a Shukaku/Kyuubi pairing chapter that I felt was appropriate to post here. The previous chapters are unrelated, but if you wish to read them, they can be found here and here.

( Sands Through the Hourglass: Priest )

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August 31st, 2005

kihitsu @ 11:45 am: Searching on aff.net for a fic someone else was looking for and stumbled across this: Why is it Hard? wherein Gaara has problems, and Kankuro tries to help..[NC-17, no incest involved]

Naruto doesn't actually make an appearance, but it's very well written and the humor is great. I highly recommend it if you want a Gaara fix.

August 2nd, 2005

unikorn @ 04:32 pm: color version
I decided to see what it would be like to do all the lineart freehand in photoshop.  Then of course colored it in.

Hug Your Insomniac - coloredCollapse )

July 30th, 2005

unikorn @ 09:34 pm: Hug Your Insomniac
First time drawing some Naruto chars :)

Hug Your Insomniac - Gaara and Naruto chibisCollapse )

March 28th, 2005

voiles_koibito @ 12:19 am: This might have been done before but I have to ask. What songs remind you guys of the GaaNaru relationship?

For me, everytime I hear Down With the Sickness by Disturbed, or You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins, I automatically think, totally Gaara and Naruto...

"I can see inside you, the sickness is rising
Don't try to deny what you feel
(Will you give in to me?)
It seems that all that was good has died
And is decaying in me
(Will you give in to me?)
It seems you're having some trouble
In dealing with these changes
Living with these changes
Oh no, the world is a scary place
Now that you've woken up the demon ... in me"

"Why can’t they understand the way we feel
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different but deep inside us
We’re not that different at all"

I mean, don't these lyrics SCREAM GaaNaru, or am I just crazy? Any other songs you guys can think of?

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February 27th, 2005

vixen_uchiha @ 01:30 am: fic= To ensnare a fox
Title: To Ensnare A Fox
Genre: Drama/Romance
Pairings: Kyubbi/Shukaku then Naruto/Gaara
Warnings: R for actions later on
Summary: Love ment to be
Comments: The reasion behind Kyubbi actions


If any one wants to help me with the rest please repley to me

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February 26th, 2005

voiles_koibito @ 11:12 pm: Hi...
It may be just me, but it seems people don't really post here often. Tragic, that it is...

Let me introduce myself; my name's Jessie, most people call me Jess. I'm a newbie here, to this community at least. I've been a fan of GaaNaru and NaruGaar for a long time now, that I have. I usually do fanfics for my fandoms, though I'll ocasionally draw fanart; fanfics are my forte though. I started out as a SasuNaru fangirl, like many do, before morphing into the GaaNaru fangirl I am today. Not sure when, not sure how, and not sure why it happened, but it did. And I'm REALLY happy because of it >:D

So, as not to come empty-handed, I bring forth two things.

Follow the LJ-Cutty-ness for a fanfic...Collapse )
and a link to a community where you can find pretty much all the GaarNaru fanfics on FF.N ...that are rated G to PG-13 anyway...stupid C2 rules not letting in R ><


*waves* hope you enjoy and hope that more stuff happens around here...Ja for now



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